o! twat a fool i’ve been.

Love magic?
say: no.
Then, why does my heart
say you did?
Why is it so problematic.
To have a peek into your private life
so that you could share mine?
The social mirror you shattered
was not. one of substance
only reflects into the void
on both ends.

o! twat a fool i’ve been.

Last night

full moons shone brightly on our pillow tops

giving comfort and strength

nodding off, she left by the time

i was woke.

nightly constitution of grief

2 a.m. says I am now harboring anger

you exist only as a hole of grief.

though still alive,

probably not well.

it isn’t about him anymore,

this is about the men

that think they could be your daddy.


make them your


Last night

you’re going to lose her

I know this witch.

They are strong

and fierce

and her magic is gnashed with teeth and talons.

she feels the burns your ancestors felt,

and hers,

and the ones you’re inflicting on her now.

she feels.

you’re going to lose them.

your magic has no hold here.

it can only run though their feathers and be returned to the earth,

for she is sacred.

the irony of your speak

verses the inactions of yore

leaves them with no more time

dear Rabbit

–King Dragon.

you’re going to lose her